2010 Jane Austen Tour

I found out about something called the "Jane Austen Tour" over at Feelin-Feminine.  And since I've been overloading everyone lately with Austen such stuff, I figured I would join in on the fun contest.  But, I'm only going to recap some of the Austen-type posts that I've recently made.  Feel free to look back on them with nostalgia if you wish. I will let the judges decide which categories my entries fall under.

The Jane Austen Festival, Louisville, KY 2010.  Post is Here.  I made all of these outfits. 

Tutorial of how to do a 1790's Regency Hair-do.  Post is Here. 

Recreating an 18th century Cheesecake, inspired by the cheesecake Jane Austen mentions in her letter to Cassandra.  2 posts Here and Here. 

The gift I was given from a friend who recently went to England... a c.1810, Regency area Royal Crown Derby coffee cup and saucer.  Post is Here. 

The Regency Gentlemen's outfits that I made.  Post is Here.

The Regency Ladies outfits I made.  Post is Here.

The Sense and Sensibility, Marianne Capote Bonnet that I made.  Post can be found here and Here. 

The Sense and Sensibility inspired peaceful moment.  Post Here. 

Tutorial on how to make Regency Men's Boots on a Budget.  Post is Here.

I'm sure there are more posts that would qualify for the Jane Austen Tour, but these are some of the most recent, and I dare say most applicable.  This should be enough Austen for even the most devoted of fans!


Leslie said…
What great ideas! Did you make the cheesecake? It is fabulous!!!
Jenni said…
Thank you, Leslie! Yes, I did make the cheesecake. My inspiration was a passage in one of Jane Austen's letters to her sister Cassandra, where she talks about eating "cheesecake for dinner." It was a lot of fun to create!

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