Making up my Capote

I decided to add some trimmings to my Capote Bonnet.  I couldn't find any of that beautiful woven braid (for the edge) I so dearly liked on the Marianne bonnet.  So, I just used some ribbon and a couple of peacock feathers that I already had around the house.  The fashion plate above was kind of the inspiration for my bonnet trimmings.  But, obviously, I didn't follow it exactly.

The left side view...with feathers.

The right side view...without feathers.

The front view. 
You can see how I 'ruched' the ribbon under my chin.  I only tacked everything onto the bonnet, so that I can take it off later if I wish to, and make it up another way.  I will most likely change it all anyway, because the ribbon I used isn't silk, and so not period correct.  It will have to do for now, though...I'm running out of time.  So....what do you think?

Oh, and on a side note:  The ear-rings that I am wearing are what I am planning to wear to the festival.  I got this pair in Pompeii, Italy about 9 years ago.  They are replicas of ear-rings found on the Pompeii excavation sight, and thus, very classical looking...perfect for a Regency event.


ZipZipInkspot said…
Dear Jenni,

The hat turned out so well and it suits you! Good work on the ruching of the ribbon and leaving it loose...most people would have thought it needed to be close under the chin.

Jenni said…
Thank you, Natalie. I did notice in the fashion plate that the ribbon hung loose under the lady's chin...but the real reason for why I did that was because it wouldn't fit over my head if I didn't! Ha!
I love your bonnet! I love the new ribbons and feather you added! I went to the Jane Austen festival with my sister last september 2009. It was lovely! enjoy and God bless!

Rebecca Ann
Jenni said…
Rebecca Ann,

Thank you so much for that compliment. Although I WISH so much that I could say I am going to "THE" Jane Austen Festival in England...sadly, I am not. There is a smaller, though no less fun, Jane Austen Festival is Louisville, KY, and that is the Festival I am talking about. *sigh* Hopefully, sometime soon, Lord willing, I will be going to the Festival in England.
Nadja Magdalena said…
Wonderful! You could make a bloody fortune selling those at the festival if you had the desire to. I would love to take my daughter up to the festival next year; alas, I am a novice seamstress and only just completed my very first dress ever (Jennie Chancey's Regency Girl's Dress). I'm enjoying your blog!
Jenni said…
Oh, thank you so sweet of you. Your blog is quite fun too, by the way! I love all of your tutorials, and your daughter's dress is so cute. You definately should go to the Jane Austen Festival in Lousiville if you get the's a blast! And don't worry about being a novice seamstress. Believe it or not, I only started sewing about a year and a half ago! My blessing has been in meeting some ladies in my area that have taken me under their wings to teach me what they know about period sewing. Without them, I wouldn't be NEARLY as far along as I am now.
Sarah Jane said…
It looks SO perfect. Great job, and I love the earrings. I am so wildly desirous to try my hand at making one of these now. . .but I know I won't get a chance to for a while. :( At least not til CW reenacting season is over!

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