Gowns for Orphans

Remember back in May when I was involved in the Art Fair?  If you don't, then you can read more about it in some of my former posts.  But specifically you might be interested in this post here because it talks about the Raffle for the Missionaries in Haiti.  You might also remember that the raffle didn't go so well.  So, here's my update on what is happening with all of that.

When I originally talked to the Missionaries in charge of the Orphanage, their thoughts were for me to make school uniforms.  But since I wasn't able to raise that much money, uniforms were looking to be a bit expensive.  So, instead of uniforms I asked if I could just make any kind of clothes for the kids.  All of the girls in Haiti wear skirts or dresses, and since I love making skirts and dresses I decided to do that.

I didn't have a specific dress pattern in mind, and begin searching, without success, for one that I liked, and I might be able to use.  That's when I heard about a young lady on the Sense and Sensibility Forum who was in need of a pattern tester.  She was in the process of making an e-pattern to be sold...and the proceeds of the pattern....well, get this...they were to go toward orphans in Africa!  You can read more about what she is doing on her Blog , called Heavenly Princess.  It couldn't have been more perfect or providential.  I contacted her immediately and she agreed I could be one of her pattern tester, and that I could use the dresses I make from the pattern for the Haitian Orphans.

So, I have finally begun sewing some of the dresses.  I have two done already.  My daughter has been my model...even though the poor little thing is nearly swallowed up in the yellow gown, because it is 3 sizes too big for her.

This one fits her a little better.  There are two different styles.  The yellow dress is a halter top style with elastic around the waist-band.  The pink and brown flowered dress doesn't have elastic at the waist and the straps cross over in the back and button to the waist.

When I get a few more dresses made up I will box them up and mail them to Haiti.  Hopefully the missionaries will be able to take some pictures of the girls there wearing the dresses.  I will update you and post some more pictures when I can.

It feels good to finally be using my sewing abilities for something worthwhile.


Nabila Grace said…
Oh that's wonderful! :) The dresses look great! What a blessing for things to work out...maybe not as you had planned on at first! God is good!

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