Sewing Gifts

I recently inherited several boxes of vintage (1930's through 1970's) sewing paraphernalia from a Great Aunt who was down sizing from her current apartment to an assisted living environment.  She no longer has the space nor the ability to do all of the crafts that she formerly did. And when I say "crafts"...plural...I mean it. 

She must have tried nearly every craft out there.  I, humbly, received box after box of surprises.  Most of it was organized into labeled plastic boxes.  Some of the items were tucked away in adorable little vintage tins, like the one below.  Aside from sewing supplies, there was everything from tatting supplies, to crochet and knitting supplies, to beading and applique.

There were boxes of beads, glitter, buttons, pins, needles....

.....yarn, thread, lace, elastic and twill tape... entire basket full of vintage rick-rack....what am I going to do with all of this?...

One of my favorite surprises in the lot was a collection of vintage crochet and knitting magazines dating back to 1939!!!  I used to crochet and knit, but since I've gotten into sewing, I don't do it anymore.  No matter though....the photographs in some of these magazines are gorgeous!!

This one is from 1974, and features articles and afghans centered around the Old Sturbridge Village, which is a Living History Museum in Massachusetts covering the years of 1790's through 1830's.  The pictures in this magazine are so much fun!  It makes me want to go there.

There are funky, fun ones from the 1960's.

Some adorable ones of little cherubic children in the 1950's.

Some patriotic ones from the 1940's.

I just LOVE the glamer in these photographs!

Last but certainly not least were these beautiful fur collars....I'm guessing from the 1940's, but I am not an expert and can't be sure. 

I only hope that I can preserve this special gift and pass it on to my daughter when I am no longer able to do my craft.  Thank you, Aunt Jean!


Sarah Jane said…
Oh what fun! What lovely little treasures! When my great-grandma passed away I was just starting to sew so I received boxes similar to the ones you posted above. It's so fascinating to go through the collected notions and supplies of crafters and seamstresses. Occasionally I will come across little treasures like these at the thrift shop. That is always a wonderful thing!
Laura said…
Perhaps this will inspire you to take up knitting and crocheting again...? :)
Jenni said…
Sarah, it's definately fun to get treasures like this!

Laura....I'll leave the knitting and crocheting to you. You are so good at it! Maybe you would like to take a look at some of these magazines the next time you are over?
Nabila Grace said…
Oh what beautiful treasures! :o) I was given all of my grandmothers crafts, sewing machine, fabric and a number of very similar fun odds and ends! Enjoy all your treasures! :o)
Anonymous said…
I love all that rick-rack!! I thought my grandma had a lot of rick-rack, but some of the stuff you have I have never laid eyes on before. You lucky girl!

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