Background Construction???

I was using "The Cutest Blog on the Block" to supply my background, but I got a notice yesterday that my background would expire Friday.  So, I decided to give "Hot Bliggity Blog" a chance.  I found this neat looking background that I'm using now...and while I DO like it, I'm not sure it speaks of Jane....  I was hoping to find another blue or green background, but I didn't like the design options that were given in those colors.  I like the design of the background you see now, but I'm not sold on the yellow.  It coordinates with my Title Image of course, but I've never really been a yellow kind of girl. 
What do you think? 
Any thoughts?


Gail said…
Im using Hot Bliggity Blog too, after seeing your blog (b/c I wanted to make my blog look cool too). Really, I think it's clever and peaceful. It does suit your sewing--the appliqué stitches.
It has an antique feel to it due to the block-print. And there are TONS of cool Regency related pics on the Web. Of course, this is just my thought.

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