Evening Serenade

Last night, in the twilight of early evening, I went outside to sit on our covered deck which over looks our back yard.  There was a bit of a breeze, and the heat of the day was passing.  Our house sits midway up a slight hill, with houses surrounding us on all sides; some higher, some lower than us...like little boats on a sea of giant, but calm waves.  I brought some hand sewing with me, and settled down to watch my daughter play in the yard, while my husband fixed her broken swing set.  Shortly after I sat down, I heard the most deliciously delicate sound.  Reverberating peacefully off the hills and homes, the music floated around the air seeming to come from all directions.  Someone, hidden nearby, was playing a violin.  It wasn't a recording... it was pure, with the occasional flaw...and the musician slowly went from one song to the next....as if their emotions led them to play what they would....  Time stopped around me, and I smiled gently at the beauty of the sound.  Some of the songs I recognized from many of my favorite period films....Pride and Prejudice.....Sense and Sensibility (the piano song that Marianne sings at the beginning and at the end being two of them).

Most of the songs were new to me, but hinted at times gone-by, and I am sure came from the imagination and soul of the musician playing them....molding and blending together seamlessly.  I was deeply blessed by the moment.  It is one that I won't forget for a long time...one of those moments that feels like it is meant just for you.

I was so moved, that I could almost imagine that the view from my chair was similar to the one above.  I know...it doesn't take much, does it... 

Since our house and neighborhood are so new to us, I wonder what other little treasures of life we will discover as the seasons progress.


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