Working on a new project...

I am in the beginning stages of a new project.  A lady that I know needs a dress to wear to her son's wedding this Fall.  The modern day inspiration for her gown can be found Here at Nordstrom's.  She wanted the gown to be silver/gray, with a deep purple sash.  So after picking out the fabric, which is a cotton/poly blend that is so soft it feels like butter in your fingers, and after her first fitting yesterday with the muslin mock-up, I've finally started cutting, draping, pinning and sewing together the bodice. 

  The gown will have a cross-over bodice front, fully lined, with a deep "V" shaped neckline in the back (where there will also be a hidden zipper.)  There will be a 2" band around the waistline, and the skirt will be pleated and floor length.  Also, I will put in some short, fluttery sleeves.

Even though the modern day inspiration is know me....I am not satisfied unless I am diving back into the past and finding inspiration there too.  So without further adieu....enjoy some antique and vintage eye candy!



(I's a stretch...but I thought it was so pretty I couldn't resist!)







*sigh*...I really could keep going further back...but I have a dress to sew, so I won't.  If you haven't already found out about these great antique and vintage fashion sites, please check them out.  Your mouth will be sure to drool...


Nabila Grace said…
Oh I just love all those dresses! And can't WAIT to see the finished product! :o)
Sarah Jane said…
Oh goodness! It is lovely! And I love your inspiration images too. . .especially the last picture, I have a weakness for long, flowy 70's dresses. :P

It is going to be a beautiful dress when done! Already the bodice has me eager to see all of it. Lovely lines and drape!
Jenni said…
Thanks, ladies! I hope the finished product turns out like I see it in my mind.

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