Long over-due Update

It's been a long time since I've updated you on the progress of my friend Laura's Round Gown.  So sorry that I've neglected this.  There have been so many things going on since I last posted about it.  It is finished, and you might have even noticed her gown in the post about the Arts and Crafts fair (though I don't think I mentioned anything about it being hers).  I am sort of waiting until after the Jane Austen Festival to give you a really good look at the total outcome.  Not because I love watching you suffer in suspense...no,no,no... it's because I think the gown will look best in a period setting (and on my friend...who, at this moment is hiking the beautiful Cairngorm mountains in Scotland...lucky girl!)  The JA Festival is being held at Locust Grove, in Louisville, KY.  It's a beautiful estate and will make for some lovely photographs of us in our gowns. 

However, I will give you a sneak peek of the finished gown.

It's not actually a Round Gown.  We ran a little short on the reproduction fabric, and so, decided to make it into a Round Robe.  You have already seen the petticoat that is worn under the gown.  There are very few seams done by machine.  It's about 90% hand sewn, and the construction of the gown is entirely period correct.  I had a lot of help with extensive research from my friend Natalie and from Suzi-Clarke  and Dawn Luckham, two expert seamstresses, and period costumiers I met on the Sense and Sensibility Forum.

And here is a sneak peek of the Crossover Gown I will be wearing. 

I made my gown last fall using the Elegant Ladies Closet Pattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns, but I haven't really had a good opportunity to wear it yet.  My fabric is also a reproduction fabric.

In my next post, I will give you an update on my husband's outfit, and on what Laura's husband will be wearing.  The festival is two weeks from today.  I'm looking forward to it, like a child looks forward to Christmas!


Sarah Jane said…
These sneak peeks are tantilizing! I can't wait to see pictures from the event. I wish so much I could be there! The round robe especially is beautiful. . .I have not seen that done (repro) before and I love how it looks. The crossover gown is beautiful too.
Gail said…
What is a round gown?
Jenni said…

Hi. It's sort of difficult to say what a round gown is...but the shortest answer I can give you is a Round Gown is the term used for a gown, or dress that went all the way around a lady during the early Regency era. Before this, the gowns were more open, like robes, open in the front(with petticoats underneith). Here are a couple of examples: Just copy and paste the links in your browser.

Open Robe

Round Gown

Some of my readers might be able to expand on this answer...
Gail said…

Ohhh, I think I understand now. I visited many late 18th century site where the term "petticoats" really meant an skirt or gown that was worn under another dress and it was visible. It was kind of confusing at first b/c I was thinking of how we use the term "petticoat" as meaning an actual undergarment and it's concealed.

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