The last of the aprons

Well, all of the sewing is over for the Old Court Days Festival.  I will drive up to Madison, IN on Thursday to set up my booth, but the actual festival starts Friday.  I'm a little nervous about having all of my ducks in a row before then, but for the most part, I am just relieved that all of sewing is finished.

I'm going to have a raffle at the festival for one of my aprons, but there is a slight twist.  People will have the opportunity to put their names in the raffle when they donate money to help Danielle and Curtis Rogers, two missionaries I know in Haiti that work for Northwest Haiti Christian Missions.  These two are doing some amazing work in Haiti, not only are they building up an orphanage, but they are training the Haitians to be self sufficient through farming, and technology that is affordable and energy efficient.  Check out their blog, here. For every $5.00 people at the festival donate, I will make a uniform outfit for one of the Haitian orphans at the mission.  The money collected will go completely to the cost of making the uniform, and anything left over will be sent over to the mission.  I'm really excited about the opportunity to do this, and I will be sure to post more about this after the festival.

Curtis and Danielle Rogers


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