Block Printed Bed Cover

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was from my parents.

 They ordered me this Indian Block Printed Bed Cover from Jas. Townsend and Sons, Inc. HERE.  The plan is to use it for reenactments, but for now, it looks lovely on my bed.

I'm in love with the vivid colors and sinuous designs.  I was a little apprehensive about liking what I would get, because it says on the sight that you don't get to choose your color scheme.  But really, it's gorgeous, and I'm sure I would think the same about any cover I got.  I studied printmaking in college, and it's one of my favorite art forms.  It's so primitive in nature, but creates such fabulous design and texture.  Combine printmaking with anything from India, and I'm one happy girl.

...and this kitty is one happy kitty...

Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Nabila Grace said…
Oh I absolutely LOVE it! :o) I love all things Indian! ;o)
Missy said…
Hi, I've recently found your blog. That's beautiful, I might have to get one for myself!
Jenni said…
Nabila - Isn't Indian stuff the best!

Missy - Thank you, and welcome!
Sarah Jane said…
Oh my goodness! How exquiteite! I love it.

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