1930's Dress

I guess you could say I'm getting a little impatient with the slow pace of the Swing Dress Sew Along.  I'm determined to keep up with that pace though, no matter how much I want to zip through the project.  I know that slowing down, and doing each step with a group of people will teach me a bunch.  Sooooo.... since I can't zoom through a 1940's dress, I stepped back in time a decade and decided to try my hand (at my own pace) at making a 1930's inspired dress.

I've been fascinated recently by the styles of the 1930's.  They were glamorous, feminine, and yet practical all rolled into one.

I 'Binged' 1930's fashion and browsed through the hundreds of images that were brought up trying to find inspiration.  I wasn't disappointed.  The real problem was choosing the style I liked best.  I took bits and pieces of different images, some actual vintage dresses and others modern interpretations, and threw them all together.  At this point, I couldn't tell you where I got any of these images, except for 'Bing'...so sorry if these images belong to someone who doesn't want me to have them.  I'll remove them if they do.

This Dress and the others above were a few of them.
So, with so much inspiration, it wasn't hard for me to sketch out an idea.  I started with a mock-up, fit it to myself, and then got out some green rayon challis I had in my stash. 

The skirt was the easiest part.  I used the Sense and Sensibility Swing Dress skirt
pattern and then altered it a bit to give the bottom part of the skirt more of a 30's pleated flare.

I drafted the bodice.  This part was tons of fun to me.  I love being able to play around with shapes and measurements, and figuring out how flat pieces of fabric will look once they are draped over a curved body.
I used three vintage buttons I had on hand.  These are my favorite part of the outfit if I'm honest!

I'm really pleased with the cut of a 1930's dress.  The position of the waist of the dress being a 'natural' one suits my figure, I think.  I also like where the hem lies just below the knee. 

The combination of the natural waist, and low hem, makes my legs look longer in my opinion...always a good thing, if you are as short as I am!

To make it appear a bit more artsy-modern, I've pared it with a leather belt and a sweater from Fossil.  I think I might have a bit of a crush on the 1930's...there might be more dresses in the future!


Nabila Grace said…
Oh how fun! ;o) I really like your dress. And the color mixed with your more "modern" additions ;o) I should be starting on my skirt pattern here in the next few days. I can't wait to have it all finished!! And you are right it kinda is addicting! ;o) I even altered the skirt to work with how I would wear it! ;o)
Jessika said…
I'm a big fan of the 30's dresses too. Especially the everyday dresses. They looked so much more comfy than jeans,to me.
Laura said…
Awesome! This is seriously tempting me to learn how to sew. :)
Jenni said…
Nabila.....I'm still waiting to see that skirt of your! sooooo glad you've started sewing!

Jessika....jeans are the most uncomfortable things IN THE WORLD! I totally agree! I've been wearing this dress all day, and so far, there's not an uncomfortable part about it!

Laura....pick a pattern (or better yet, pick a style and I'll teach you how to draft!) come on over, and I'll get you started! Yay!
Jenni said…
Oh, but Laura.....I forgot to say that you MUST teach me how to embroider. We will swap talents. What do you say?
Sarah Jane said…
This dress is soooo adorable! I love it! The bodice and the buttons are so exactly right, so very definitely 30's!! The 30's are some of my favorite dress styles too. I made some over the summer and have been thinking about making a different one for winter time. You have definitely inspired me! I really really hope we'll be seeing more 30's dresses from you! :) I can't wait to see the 40's dress when you finish it, too.
Jenni said…
Sarah, I remember your 30's dresses from last summer. Your dresses convinced me that 30's garments were actually wearable in today's world. I can't wait to see what you have in store for your winter dress...I'm thinking wool, or tweed??? :-) What fabric did you have in mind?
I love the buttons and the bodice is just amazing! I have always wanted to sew up a 30's dress and hopefully will get to that this winter. Very inspiring!

God bless!
Jessika said…
I totally agree! Especially skinny jeans. Whoever thought of those....they are not smart.

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