2nd Wenlan Chia Tunic

Happy New Year!

I recently made my second Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia garment.  I am really enjoying how easy these patterns go together, and how inexpensively they can be made. (Which, on second thought, leads me to believe that the high-end garments that people pay a million bucks to own aren't really worth even an eighth of what they sell them for...)

"Take Manhattan" is the name of this tunic.  I had some light tan colored linen in my stash, and I've been hesitant to use it because it reminded me too much of a skin color...yuck.  So, I dyed the fabric a beautiful shade of green, and after that, it was perfect for what I needed it for.

I'm certainly no super model, so I was afraid the loose fitting 'tunic' style would make me look a bit like a tent.  But, I actually think it hides some of my flaws. 

The front pocket is a nice touch, and the draw-stringed, cowl neck reminds me in an artsy way of a backward hoodie.  But my favorite part of the shirt is the shape of the raglan sleeve, and the way it is set high in on the shoulders.  I have always been ...erm..."blessed"...with line-backer-esq type shoulders, and I like the way the sleeves disguise this lovely trait of mine.

I paired the tunic with leggings and boots this time, but when I wear it out of the house during the winter, I most certainly will wear a long sleeved tee-shirt under it.  I also think it would look great with a pair of jeans and flats to dress it down, or tights and a skirt to dress it up.  A pretty comfy, and versatile garment if you ask me.

(This post is scheduled to go out on January 1st, 2011...so sorry if that doesn't happen!)


that is a great pattern....I don't know that designer....
Nabila Grace said…
Oh how super exciting I LOVE it!!!! What fabric dye did you use? I am working on a craft project and I need to dye some fabric red! I'm scared to do it a bit! haha! ;o)
Jenni said…
Fabriquefantastique - I hadn't heard of the designer either until I found the book. But, from what I've read, she was an "unknown" seamstress until recently...and I believe she was discovered on Burdastyle.

Nabila - I just used Rit dye...but it fades quite a bit. Make sure you wash your fabric first, use salt in the dye, and make sure the dye is desolved well in the water(if you are using powder and not liquid dye) before you put your fabric in or else it will splotch. I used our bath tub to dye the fabric in since I was dying about 3 yards of it. You could use a bucket if the amount of fabric is smaller. Some people use their washing machines, but I haven't the slightest clue how to do that.

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