Early 80's Blouse??

Yesterday, I set about to use up some extra white rayon from my stash.  I knew it would be perfect for a blouse, but what kind of blouse I wanted it to be, I hadn't a clue.  So, I decided to drape it, rather than use an existing pattern or draft one.  This was definitely a spontaneous, let the inner artist come out, kind of project. 

At the beginning, I was feeling like it needed to be some kind of loose tunic, with maybe a boat-neck, or cowl neck, but as I sculpted it on my dress form, I started to sense a bit of a nautical kind of feeling coming from it as well. 

 Then, I remembered some vintage, metal buttons I had (with cute little coat of arms reliefs punched into them)....and it all sort of came together. 

 In the end, I would describe it as a sailor/school uniform inspired blouse, but it has a bit of an early 80's feel to it as well (probably because of the gathered waist).  I'm not sure if that's kosher in the fashion world right now...but I like it.


Nabila Grace said…
Another stunner! It's so much fun! :o) What a great piece that's versatile for so many different things. I guess you can't wear it to work though right?

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