1930's Dress: A Herringbone Linen Skirt

With only two weeks left of Summer break, I am frantically trying to build up my Fall and Winter wardrobe.  I have a large amount of stash fabric that needs used up, and I've made a list of items that I would really like to make with all of it. 

First on the list was a functional 1930's style skirt. (I'm really enamored by the styles of the 30's lately...can you tell?) I drafted this one, and used some herringbone linen fabric (cool for the summer, but with a slip it will be perfect for the colder months.)  The buttons are vintage too, from my stash.  One stash project down...about 3000 more to go.  At this rate, I won't have to buy anymore fabric for a very long time (at least that's what I tell myself).


Nabila Grace said…
oh how beautiful! I am needing some warm skirts! I like this for the details that there are. Did you add extra detail to the original pattern?

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