Thinking ahead...

I'm thinking ahead toward Spring.  This gloomy, never-ending winter has put me in a day dreaming mind of gardens and sunshine.

Growing up in a rural area seems to have planted a hardy, farm-girl seed somewhere inside of me, and I love messing around in gardens.  I live in a medium sized city now, and when I got married 5 1/2 years ago, our first house was a tiny 865 sq. ft. 1950's style bungalow, with a yard the size of a postage stamp.  But, somehow, I managed to find time every weekend during the spring and summer to work in some small flower beds and potted veggie/herb gardens.  Last January, we bought a new house, with more space inside and out.  But...due to some indoor maintenance issues and other expensive, and unforeseen hindrances that came our way and dried up our checkbook....other than a handful of herbs, I wasn't able to do much gardening.  This year, however, I am determined that things will be different.

I really am getting tired of the rising prices of fresh vegetables and herbs in the grocery stores.  Here in the south-eastern-midwest (whatever you want to call this place) more than half the time, the vegetables are either out of stock, under-ripe, or else they rot a couple of days after you buy them.  Everything seems to be shipped in from halfway across the country.  We do have a local farmers market, but it's only really open during a short 3 or 4 months of the year, and  honestly, I'm too lazy to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go there. 

 I usually start my herbs and plants from small seedlings I buy at huge garden centers or home improvement stores.  But these sort of places aren't exactly cheap, and usually the options are slim. So, this year I'm going to attempt to raise my plants from seeds.  I recently stumbled upon a website called, Urban-Farmer.  They have a beautiful selection of vegetables and herbs in seed form.  Most plant varieties are about $1.50- $4.00 for packets running from anywhere between 20 - 200 seeds.  They have free shipping on orders over $50.  And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get coupons for 20% off and such.  Think of the savings!  Think of the fresh, wholesome, garden-picked veggies gracing our table for half the year!  Whatever is left can be canned or dried to be used during the winter months. 

I'm starting to sound like an, anyway....

 I'm reading up on which seeds to start indoors and which to sew directly into the ground.  I'm learning about times to plant, the spacing, watering and fertilizing needed for each variety.  It's pretty complicated, but I'm confident.  Here's to hoping my garden is blessed!

*All images from the Urban Farmer Website.*


Nabila Grace said…
Oh! This is something I'm wanting to start on myself! I haven't been able to have a garden for a few years now. I had a small one last year but had to buy plants instead of starting from seed because of moving! And it wasn't that good of an outcome! When are you going to start your seeds? and where are you going to store them? Are you going to get lights to hang over them?
Jenni said…
Good questions, Nabila! I'm not sure I have answers for all of them... I'm planning on starting them around the 1st of March. That way, hopefully, they will be ready to plant in the garden around the middle of April. (I never know when the last frost will be around here!) There might be some early spring bloomers that need to go in the ground a little earlier...I'm still learning.

As for storing them. I bought trays that have little tiny containers in them, and high plastic lids to create a green house type environment. We have a covered, screened-in, back deck that I will probably put them out on as long as the temps are above freezing. If they aren't, then I will have to bring them in....and I'm not sure what I would do with them then. :-) I hadn't thought about hanging lights over them, but that's a great idea. What kind of lights, I wonder...and where would I get them?
Nabila Grace said…
Well I don't know all the answers. I just saw someone that was using them and so then I got curious lol here are a few links I pulled up! ;o)

Let me know if those help because I know I couldn't explain it lol ;o) I think that I'll probably get trays as well. My concern is our room where I could put them is the coldest room in the house :o( Which is why I'm thinking I might need the lights or something!
Sarah Jane said…
I too am in the mood for spring and planting. I can't wait! Thanks for the link to the urban farmer. We got most of our plants already started last year from a local seed store, but it ended up costing quite a bit for everything. I'd love to start more plants from seed this year.

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