Swing Dress: Update #3

The Swing Dress Sew-Along continues....
Here's my muslin mock-up. (FYI - The bunchy-ness on my left side is where the zipper will be, and is only pinned together for the photo.)

The muslin is cut and sewn together.  I've fitted it to me, and the only change I will be making is to add about 1/2" to the midsection...(too many sweets, oops!)  Next up: Sleeves.  Then, on to the real fabric!


Isis said…
It looks great! I have had a really bad cold, so I haven't even cut out the mock-up yet, but I itch to start!
Sarah Jane said…
This dress is going to be super-cute! I love the style and the skirt is just too adorable for words. I don't have this pattern yet but may have to get it. I've liked it for some time but have been intimidated by how others have said it is hard to put together. It looks comfortable to wear and is soooo flattering.

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