1884 Gown: Finished Corset

I want to apologize for being so slow to post lately.  Between school starting, and me and Jane both having really bad colds (mine developed into Sinusitis and Bronchitis...of which I am still battling), all sewing and any superfluous activities have been put on hold.  But, I did manage to finish the last little bit of the Victorian corset I am making for my 1884 ensemble (part 1 and part 2). 

I am pleased with the way it turned out.  The Truly Victorian Pattern that I used was very simple and the instructions were clear.  The only problem I have with it (the corset, not the pattern), is that the silk habotai that I used doesn't seem to be very strong at the seams.  It's already pulling and at the brink of tearing in some tight spots. 
Also, I've been counting calories, and swimming 5 days a week for the past month, which means I've lost some weight since I made the original mock up...12 lbs. to be exact (thank you!)  And while I'm not complaining about the weight loss, it means that the corset now does not fit like it did in the beginning.  I don't have that much room in the back to tighten the laces if I lose anymore. Unfortunately for me, the weight loss seems to have occurred mostly in my chest. (Why does this always happen!) The gussets are now a little loose. :(

It's a comfortable corset.  I do have one question though...myself being new to the Victorian style corset...for those of you out there that are experience with front fastening, metal busk style corsets...how do you easily fasten the metal busk?  Every time I manage to get one part of the busk fastened and move on to another, the first one slips out again.  So, I'm moving back and forth between fastenings, with not any real progress. Annoying. 

Next up (if I can kill this respiratory infection): The petticoat...already half finished.


Samantha said…
this is lovely! for dealing with the busk, are you putting the corset on with the laces already tightened? i put my corset on without the laces tied or tightened so that it is quite loose and i'm able to hook the busk easily. then i pull on the laces to tighten the corset to wear i'm comfortable, wrap the laces around my waist, and tied in a bow in front. good luck!
Jenni said…
Thank you, Samantha. I had a feeling that was my problem. I didn't have the laces completely tightened, but they weren't at their loosest either. This was helpful...and simple. :)
Alicja Byrska said…
Yours corset is so preaty!! I love this!

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