Summer Time

Life has been pretty hectic lately here at the end of the school year. Summer break officially started today around Noon for me.  I get two whole months of student free bliss....well, nearly.  I'm teaching a sewing class to a group of about 14 girls....but this is something I'm looking forward to with much anticipation.  I find that, now that school is over, all of the reserve energy I was using to scrape by on those last few weeks is drying up, and my body is finally throwing in the towel.  Enough, it says...and I feel like sleeping for at least a month. 

But between teaching a sewing class, taking my daughter to swim lessons, ballet lessons, and acting lessons, I barely have a free day on my calender.  Not to mention the doctors, dentist, and eye exam appointments that I have to get in, because there's no way to fit them in during the school year.  And of course, I have my sewing goals, and exercises goals (ha!)...we shall see how much of that actually gets done. 

But....all that being that I'm home, spending time with my daughter and doing things on my own time, there is a HUGE burden of responsibility that's been lifted off of my shoulders.  I feel free...calm...peaceful.  I feel like me. 

I love what I do...truly I do.  I am passionate about art, and I think it is imperative for kids to be exposed to art, and offered the opportunity to explore it in their own creative way.  I'll never stop feeling that way.  But, after 9 years of teaching, I truly understand the importance of a summer break.  If not for the summer break, the world would be full of insane ex-teachers with drool hanging out of the side of their mouths and a blank stare on their faces.  (Minus the drool, and I'm already there.)  By the end of the school year, I feel less like Professor Dumbledore, and more like Professor Snape.

(That's in honor of the last Harry Potter film coming out, by the way. Excited, but sentimentally sad, all the same.) I am.

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Nabila Grace said…
Awww yay! happy summer break! We have had our girls home for a week and it's been fun to spend a few extra hours doing more summery things! :o) Hope you have a wonderful break and are able to find peace! :o)

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