Another Regency Accessory: Accidentally found

I was recently given by one of my students, a gift card for $10 to a local shop that typically sells a lot of yuppie housewares and accessories.  You know the type...really loud (read gaudy) jewelry, brightly colored purses (key chains, hair bows, towels, door mats, dinner ware, etc, etc) with initials embroidered(or painted) on them, candles in every 'scent' that could be thought of, cheese cutting boards in the shape of wine bottles...and on and on I could go.  While the gift card was a very sweet thought, the shop, well, isn't really my type of thing. 

So, when I went in the other day, I wasn't expecting to find anything I would actually like.  I wondered around the store a bit, hoping to find at least something that maybe I could purchase and re-gift later.  Just when I was about to give up hope, I spotted a wicker basket full of scarves.  Most were square silk scarves with nautical or equestrian themes on them, but at the very bottom of the basket was a surprise....a Turkish red, paisley printed, long, rectangle, silk scarf.  It screamed "Regency" to me!  AND guess was $10!!!  I paid about 36 cents for tax, and that was it.  I think it was waiting for me. 
(Looking at this picture makes me realize how easily I freckle...not a good type of complexion to have during the regency era....I've hardly been out in the sun at all.  "She is such a nasty, freckled little thing."  Where's that from?  Anyone?)

It is long enough that I can definitely wear it as a shawl if I want to, and I might do that occasionally.  But, just for fun, I tried it out as a turban.  I'm really pleased with the look.

Sorry this picture is so I said before, my camera isn't working properly.  But, I wanted to include this picture, because you can see how I tied it in the back.

I dressed it up with one of my 1920's shoe clips that I originally thought I would use for a belt clasp.  I could probably also throw in a couple of feathers, or dress it up with a faux laurel leaf.  I think this will be a lovely option for the Jane Austen Grand Ball.
*By the way...I'm still not able to respond to comments.  I'm so, so sorry.  I really appreciate any and all comments, and I look forward to them.  Please continue to write them.  I can post comments if you write one, I just can't respond right now.  I really hope blogger fixes this issue soon.*


ista said…
I'm pretty sure the quote is Lydia Bennet's comment on Mary King (the heiress that Wickham chased)in Pride & Prejudice
Only you could make that scarf into a regency turban....must remember that.
Jo said…
It looks so pretty! I love the wee curl peeping out too!

Persuaded said…
Jenni.. you really are so so so pretty. You face is just lovely♥

Oh and the scarf is nice too☺
Nabila Grace said…
I'm in love with your scarf! ;o) I have a weakness for scarves! And oh the color is stunning!

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