Pint sized Regency

After hemming my 1798 gown, I found that I had a bit of extra Lawn left over.

I'm thinking it's just the right amount to make a white Regency gown in miniature. 
What do you think?


Sarah Jane said…
Tooooo cute! I think the leftover lawn will be perfect as a little white gown. Will Jane be attending the festival with you this summer?
Jenni said…
Sarah - Our Jane will be attending the Bluegrass Regency Society picnic in May, where she will be able to wear this dress. But, unfortunately, she will be visiting her Grandparent's in Indiana during the J.A. Fest this summer. Since we are volunteering at the festival on Sunday (experiencing it on Saturday) we thought this would be the wisest route. ;0) Will your boys be there?
Vintage Girl said…
Wow, what a great idea! I have boys but if I have a girl I would be sewing for her! So sweet!
Nabila Grace said…
Great idea! ;o) She would be so cute and such an elegant young lady! ;o)

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