A Day Out: Vintage Shopping - Eye Candy

Today I spent a lovely morning with friends from the Jane Austen Sewing Society at a local shop owned by Curtis A. Grace (the only male in the above picture.)  He is an artist.  He's a formal events planner, florist, antique and vintage collector and connoisseur of everything aesthetic.

I'm still drooling, and dreaming about his store.  The store front is unassuming and is tucked away in an old string of low brick buildings. 

But if by chance you happen to walk in needing a florist, you will be caught off guard by the jewel box colors, the meandering rooms tucked away throughout, and the numerous racks, shelves, boxes and cabinets full of antique and vintage clothing, accessories, nick-knacks and home goods.

For a seamstress and lover of all things vintage and antique, temptation was around every corner. 

There was an antique chest full of lace and ribbon remnants.

Jane even found a rack of clothing just her size.  I'm training her young.

If you like hats, then this is the place to go.
1930's ones...

Edwardian ones....

1920's cloche hats.
 (My favorite hat in the collection!)

(This was Jane's favorite!)

There were at least a dozen kid leather gloves.  Apparently, and rather unfortunately, I have massive working class hands, and none of the gloves fit me.

I also have massive working class feet, because the amount of adorably cute and tiny shoes was overwhelming, and none were my size.

All of the accessories were fabulous, but the clothing was what really caught my eye.

There were Edwardian homespun aprons....

...mutton sleeved, ornate upper class garments.

Look at the detail and the color saturation!

I wanted to take this one home with me, but $56 is a bit steep for me right now...even for a 1920's beauty like this.

Speaking of 1920's, check out this Kimono Robe!

Then, let's move it up a decade to view this gorgeous, and glamorous, silk, evening gown.

Cut on the bias, and embelished in the back....this one is classic 1930's.

Another adorable child's dress.  I forgot to check the date on this one, but I'm guessing late 30's or early 40's.

I almost walked out of the store with this coat.  *sigh*

This dress...

...and this one were both so tempting.  Think of how lovely they would be to wear during the oppressive heat of the summer.

We spent about two hours browsing (rumaging) through Mr. Grace's store, and although I wanted to just move right in, I was a good little girl, and bought only these two antique ribbons (probably Victorian) and the Art Deco shoe buckles below.

Why would I want shoe buckles you ask?  Well, let me tell you why.  First of all, who WOULDN'T want these adorable shoe buckles!  Secondly, I plan on turning them into faux belt clasps and using them to embelish my white 1790's gown.  More on that later...

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  If you live near by, them you absolutely MUST visit Curtis A. Grace's shop!


Nabila Grace said…
Oh gracious! My mouth literally was salivating LOL :oP If I am ever near you we need to take a trip there! :o)

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