1798 Gown: Update #3

So, I'm calling this my 1798 gown, for lack of a better term.  It was mostly inspired by the Dutch, 1797, Tidens Toj gown, but was also influenced by various other gowns from 1798 and 1799...sooooo, it's my 1798 gown, because that's the median year.  It is nearly finished, by the way.  These pictures were taken while spending a lovely Saturday morning with my friend Natalie from A-Frolic-Through-Time.  She was kind enough to outline my hem for me.  You can see in the picture how much extra fabric I had.  All of that is what I am using to construct Jane's white gown.  Jane's gown is almost finished, and I will be finishing the hem of my gown tonight.
(Please ignore the pink drawstring used in the picture....it was a temporary fix and is not there now.)

I am very pleased with this gown...with the exception of two spots.  The v-neck shape, while normally not a problem for me in modern garments, has become a major issue with this one.  Quite frankly, I blame it on my late 18th century undergarments.  Due to the nature of how this gown closes on a single drawstring at the waist, if I don't pin the front v-neck closed, you can see the top of my stays.  However, if I DO pin it closed, I no longer have the deep, sleek, v-neck of the original gown that I so desperately wanted.  Rather, it creates a high, wide v-neck and a very boxy shaped bodice.  I don't like it one bit, and have decided that if push comes to shove, I will fill it in with a fichu. 

Secondly, I'm not satisfied with how the sleeves came out.  The top part of the sleeves are fine.  The issue I have is where they suddenly 'bubble' out at the elbow.  I used the sleeve pattern from the Tidens Toj gown, and even made a mock up.  But somehow, even with a dart beginning from the elbow and going down to the sleeve hem, they turned out too wide at the bottom.  I don't have any more lawn, so I will have to deal with the current sleeves, and alter them however I can.  I think I should be able to take in the side, sleeve seam some at the bottom, tapering it until the sleeve fits a bit more snug....I think.

(See the 'pinned' v-neck here....blast and wretch! as Amy March would say...it's just doesn't suit me!  It should be deeper.)
Remember in THIS post, the very last painting of the lady sitting for her portrait.  Remember how I said I really liked how she had a ribbon tied around her waist twice, made to look like a sort of belt?  Well, here is my version of it.  I think I'll go with this look, at least for the May, Blue Grass Regency Society Picnic.  It's in two weeks!  Hooray!  If you are in the area, please come and join us!


Vintage Girl said…
You look like such a lady, love your dress. Very good job! Excellence!
Nabila Grace said…
Oh Jenni! It looks so good! I can't believe you have only been sewing two years!

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