Swing Dress: Final Update

It's over.  The Swing Dress Sew Along at Casey's Elegant-Musings has finally come to an end. 

Even though I made a mock-up, I did have one issue with the fit of this dress.  The skirt was extremely long...at least on my short (and slightly stocky) frame, the original mock-up skirt came down almost to my ankles.  I chopped three inches off of the mock up, which was made of cheap, heavy cotton, and it looked ok, hitting right at my knees.  I guess I should have taken into account the drape of the different types of fabrics, because once made up in the rayon, it sagged a good two to three inches below my knees.  How did this happen????  As you can see in this picture, the skirt part of the dress nearly swallows up my legs.  I plan on definitely going back and taking up the hem.  Sheesh....I really do not like re-doing things.

In the end, though, I am happy with the fabric choice, and I really like the fit of the top half of the dress.  It's a comfortable dress, and it could be worn daily and casually.   Right now, I will pair it with a sweater and heels, or boots.  In the summer, it will be a cool choice and look lovely with flats or sandals.  The pattern would also be sweet made up in an interlined, semi-sheer black voile.  This would dress it up quite a bit, and be a cute option for weddings or semi-formal events (not that I go to a lot of them, but one can always hope.)  If you are interested in making your own Swing Dress, check out the pattern at Sense-and-Sensibility.

Oh...and...um...in honor of the finished Swing Dress, I'm posting some pictures of my Grandma Louise from the 30's, 40's and 50's. 


(My grandpa was pretty handsome too, if I must say.)

She's lovely, isn't she!  She's gone through so much in her life time, and she's such a strong, beautiful woman.  She's an inspiration to me.  (I love you, Mammaw!)

Here's a slide show birthday tribute that my family made for her a few years ago.  I wanted to just show a few of the pictures as stills, but couldn't figure out how to do that.  So, enjoy the whole slide show instead.


Vintage Girl said…
She was just beautiful, wow, I love the video. So cool! I had the same thing happen with my 2nd rayon dress the hem started to sagged but in different places. I am fitting it right now. I love your dress. I hope you make more, it's a nice shape and style, so lady like!
Nabila Grace said…
Looks great! :o) I love how it drapes even if it's a bit long ;o) Nothing you can't fix! ;o) Beautiful pictures and video! Thanks for sharing! :o)
Susan said…
I think it looks amazing on you!
Jenni said…
Wow, thank you gals. I had it on all day (still do) and I can't believe how comfortable it is. I got a lot of compliments on it today.
Laura said…
Jenni, I really like the fabric you chose and the fit looks great. I know what you mean about re-doing things -- it's not my favorite task! Sometimes if I take a day or two to step away I'm ready to come back and fix whatever's bugging me. And sometimes I'm not, and I just have to force myself. ;)
Renee said…
I think your fabric choice for the SDSA was very pretty. Turned out great.

I hate dedoing also and mending. I'd rather just make something.

Very nice pictures
Casey said…
BRAVO!!! I love the print you used; its so sweet. ;) I hear you about skirt lengths and fabric drape... I've had that happen to me many times as well. :p I always feel like I must have shrunk a few inches, until I realize it's the material. ;) lol.

Anyway, thank you so much for participating in the sew-along!!! :)

♥ Casey
Jenni said…
You are welcome, Casey. Thank you for hosting it! (and for holding our hands along the way!)

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