Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella

For the past two and half months, I've been working hard to costume my school's musical cast of Cinderella. The director was ultimately in charge of what the cast wore, and he picked out most of the outfits. I said before, in a previous post, that they aren't all exactly what I would have chosen (being from every different time period between Medieval to the 1970's) but I think the eclectic appearance ended up working out alright....a bit. We rented many of the costumes, because with a cast of 70+ students, there was no way I could make all of them. I did a lot of altering lengths of dresses, and taking in side seams temporarily. I made a handful of the outfits. Cinderella's peasant outfit was one of them, as was her "mother's gown" that gets ripped by her stepmother. I made all of the men's knee breeches. The kings vest and the princes shirt and cravat are my husbands regency clothing that I made last year.

Last night we had our first run, and the show was an outstanding success. I'm so proud of all of the kids. They are immensely talented. Since most of my work is done, I get to hang out back stage with the kiddos, and help them into their costumes, or hunt down a lost shoe, or tiara, or shawl, or feather, or, or, or.... I've got an emergency thread and needle standing by (which I've had to use on more than one occasion) for the random undone hem, or button that pops off. Safety pins are abounding.

I have some pictures for you to look at. They were taken during one of the many dress rehearsals we had this week, so some of the set/lighting isn't finished or in place, but you should get the general idea of what the play looks like. Be prepared for a lot of pictures. I'm so sorry for the lack of brilliant comments....I'm exhausted, and we still have two more performances to go this I'm just going to stack up the images, and hope you enjoy them.

Cinderella enters the village.

Prince, in disguise as commoner, enters the village.

Cinderella with the Stepsisters and Stepmother in the village.

Prince bumps into Cinderella.

Steps manor.

Cinderella with the mice, cat and dove.
Queen with Prince, discussing the ball.

King (in his too tight clothing, dressing for ball) with Queen and Prince.

Royal family with Lionel (stewart).

Steps dressed for ball.

Cinderella in her mother's gown.

Gown before it is torn.

Gown after it is torn.

Cinderella crying out for help.

Godmother appears.

Not your typical fairy godmother...

Mice turning into white horses.

Cat and dove turning into footmen.

Cinderella's gown is changed....sorry I don't have a good picture of the transition.  It really is one of the coolest scenes in the play, but doesn't translate well to photograph.  Also, the carriage isn't finished in this picture.

Prince dances with every elegable young (and old) maiden.

Steps enter the ball.

Steps dance with prince...this scene is HILARIOUS!

Cinderella enters the ball.

Prince and Cinderella talking(singing) in the garden.


Clock strikes midnight....

Prince finds glass slipper, and vows to find the girl of his dreams.

Village girls hoping that the shoe fits.

Stepsisters the morning after...

Prince arrives with glass slipper.

It doesn't fit, of course.

Cinderella appears.


It fits!

Yay again!

Final scene, the wedding.

 Happily ever after!


Nabila Grace said…
Oh I love all the pictures! :o) It looks great! I hope you will finally get a bit of a break soon! Been thinking about you! :o)
Anonymous said…
Looks great Jen.
Would have loved to see it. Love you,
Mammaw Dweeze :)
ZipZipInkspot said…
Dear Jenni,

What a huge undertaking, and it looks like it all went well. Did the students make the sets, too?

Rather blown away,

Jenni said…
Thank you!

I'm very greatful to have taken a personal day off work tomorrow.

Natalie, Some of the students painted a couple of the sets, but most of them (including the backdrops) were done professionally.

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