Regency Stays: Update #2, Final Update

30+ hand sewn (and badly done) eyelets later, and I've at long last finished my Regency Stays.

Except for the large wooden busk, running the length of my torso in the front, that prevents me from bending in the middle, they aren't uncomfortable.

I'm having a little bit of a lacing issue, and am talking to experienced seamstresses about this folding over, or creased issue that you see in the above picture.  I'm not sure if it is because the plastic boning I used isn't strong enough, or if it is the fact that my husband was the one that laced's not like he does this for a living.

I'm always a little hesitant to show pictures of myself in my 'undergarments', but then I remind myself that I am more fully clothed in this underwear than most modern people are in their normal summer outfits. (and have you seen what they wear at the pool/beach?)  This thought comforts me.... :-)

Anyway, I am now ready to re-do a petticoat that I made (badly) last year.  The plans for my white gown are in the works, and I will post more on that later.


dfr2010 said…
I don't consider myself "experienced" but your creases look like the ones I got when I used poly boning ... all the things I used it for are practically useless due to the boning buckling. Meh, live and learn.
Jenni said…
dfr2010 - Thanks...I thought that might be the case, but since whale boning is was that or nothing! :-) I wonder if I were to use two strips of boning in a single casing, would this make that area stronger???
Sarah Jane said…
The stays look wonderful! I too feel a bit odd posing in my historic underwear, but as you said, people wear less for their normal summer outfits. And I know I, for one, love seeing the historic undies made by fellow costumers!

The creasing in the back may be due a tad bit of excess length. Could you loosen the lace a bit and tug the stays down more, in the back? Either way, they look fabulous and I love the support they give. I wish mine had as nice a bustline. I think I need to work on my gusset shape more!

Can't wait to see your petticoat and white gown! I am having a horrible time deciding what to make for the festival and feel so discouraged about that. :( I know I will feel like an outsider among you more experienced ladies!! Do you have any costuming tips for newbies? What would be a good all purpose dress or two to make? I have white striped cotton voile for a white gown, and some gray silk, but am at a loss as to what would best surve my purposes for the festival.
Jenni said…
Sarah Jane - Oh, you DO crack me up! What do you mean "more experienced"! You are probably one of the MOST experience costumers I 'know'! Anything you make will fit right in, and then some! You probably know from all of your CW events that there will be people at the J.A. Fest that wear what they 'think' regency women wore...things like 1990's empired waisted, floral printed gowns, dressed with modern lacey shawls and passable balet flats. I'm totally fine with them wearing that, since this isn't a really serious historical event, and the main theme is Jane Austen. I just mention that to say that you have no need to worry. Last year, it was DREADFULLY I would recommend a light weight white gown, and as little accessories as a Regency woman could get away with. Any fashion worn during Jane's life time will be fine. Can you use the gray silk to make an open gown of some sort to wear over the white one for the Ball? You really will stand out, Sarah, and be lovely and accurate too. Don't worry. :-)
dfr2010 said…
Recently, I have tried out heavy duty cable ties. I only have one completed project where I used a combo of poly boning (Hancock-type) plus the cable ties for the sides and back ... the sides and back have mostly held their shape so I am using the cable ties again for my current WIP.

I tend to experiment with nontraditional supplies.
Jenni said…
dfr2010 - I have heard of using cable ties, but didn't realize they would be any heavier than the poly boning. I will have to give them a try. Thanks!
ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,

Yep, cable ties may be a really good option. They have serious strength, given what they are manufactured for.

Jenni, the stays front is perfect. The best silhouette I've seen in a long time, and so gently fitting. Nothing harsh about these. Hooray!!

Also agree with Sarah Jane about loosening the bottom a bit.

You know, I am going to write Sarah Jane right now. She is going to look and be terrific. She is such a dear person.


Nabila Grace said…
Oh it looks great! Funny about you having on more then most people wear to the beach ;oP hah!
Jessica said…
I had the same problem with mine, I fixed this by using steel boning. You need something stronger to straighten it out. One on either side of the eyelets might work.
It could be too long, but the easier fix is to replace the bones with steel.
Cathie Matthews said…
I know that is has been a long time. But I came across your blog and was looking at your corset. It is beautiful. Often when we are making up, alternating a garment, if we add a dart here or there, it can dramatically change the garment elsewhere. ( e.g. The length of the gown etc). If I was going to alter the corset I would:
1. Raise the corset bust line by an inch, and open the cups a little. (By lifting the corset, you would be providing more support for your bust ( while still keeping in the theme of low bust lines of the regency period). By you would also be reducing bulk from around the back.
2. If there was any bulk remaining from the back. Some light tapering would be required. ( similar to that, that you would do if someone had rounded shoulders. I hope that this was helpful.

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