Regency Stays: Revisited; Last time...I promise.

After ordering Steel Boning from, (which was, ironically, cheaper than the plastic boning that I originally bought from Joann's Fabric hoping to save some money) I am, at last, happy with the look and fit of my Stays.  No more buckling and creasing. The difference is like night and day, and they feel like a second skin. 

Before Front:

After Front:

Before Side:

After Side:

Before Back: (and here's where it makes a BIG difference)

After Back:

If I was pleased with my stays before, I am ecstatic now!  Steel boning is a miracle, and I will NEVER (repeat: NEVER) buy plastic boning again.  Lesson learned.


dfr2010 said…
WooooHOOOOO! ::: applause :::

Night and day!
Gwendolyn said…
Yeah, the plastic stuff you find at JoAnn's is TERRIBLE. So flimsy, and it never really works with the body. Your stays look awesome now!
Carys said…
Wow, it looks totally amazing!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
Jenni said…
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Jenni said…
Again, thank you, ladies. I am always learning, when it comes to sewing garments, that shortcuts never work.
Sarah Jane said…
AWESOME! They look perfect now. I'm so glad you were able to get rid of the back wrinkle - it looked uncomfortable and now, as you said, they look like a second skin. Beautiful job as always Jenni!

I think you have just inspired me to get real steels for my new 1860s corset. I love cable ties but steels make a terrific shape. :) And they are thinner, and more streamlined.
Jenni said…
Sarah Jane - Do get steel boning! Your stays/corsets are always amazing. Steels would set them off even more so!
ZipZipInkspot said…
Dear Jenni,

Hooray, hooray! They are perfect! They'll be a great foundation to the coming dress, and lots more dresses after that :}

Very best,

Nabila Grace said…
Oh wow that's amazing the difference! :o) Good job!
Isis said…
Great improvement!

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