A New Jane Eyre

I recently came across a trailer for a new Jane Eyre film that came out in select theaters on the 11th of this month.  I do hope that it comes near me(but highly doubt it due to it being a British film).  If it doesn't, then maybe I'll be able to find it on the web somewhere.  I'm not a HUGE Bronte fan, but this trailer does make the film attractive to me.

You can check out more info on the film and watch the intriguing trailer HERE.

(Photos found on Bing and Film-o-Filia)


Gail said…
I have seen the BBC version of Jane Eyre and read the book. This looks very promising. I like how they amped up the supernatural aspect of the story.
Jenni said…
Yes, the recent BBC version is the best, in my opinion. I'm hoping that this new one is even better.

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