Incroyables and Merveilleuses: Gown #3: Laura's Gown

This is my final Merveilleuse gown before the Jane Austen Festival in a week and a half, and it's for my dear friend Laura.

Laura's gown was inspired by the above two portraits.  In style, it is essentially a combination of both.

With a silk ribbon embellishment.

As always, period construction techniques were used, I draped and drafted the gown, and everything is hand sewn.  The fabric is cotton voile from Dharma Trading.

It looks a little crazy from the back...with those wings...but really, that won't show like that when she's wearing it.  Also, the width of the "wings" can be adjusted, or taken in completely, since all of the drapery in the front is just pinned to the shoulder straps.

Also, the waistline can be adjusted and gathered differently along the twill tape, which wraps around the back of the bodice, and then ties in the front, under the bust.

The modesty flap is the only bust support Laura is using...she's going sans stays...the brave woman!  But, she will be wearing a petticoat, even though my manikin isn't wearing one.

Now that the gowns are done, I have a few days to finish making accessories for myself.  Perhaps I'll make some gloves and a hat.


It looks absolutly stunning!
May I ask where you got that gorgeous sjawl/scarf?
I have been looking for a orange one for my regency Costume. But the longest I found where max 2mtrs long.
Jenni said…
Thank you. The shawl is a vintage sari. My friend purchased it last year at the Jane Austen Festival from a merchant called "Regency Revisited". Here's their web site:
Oh thank you so much!! I'm gonna have a look right now!
ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,

Wow! Another fresh design, and it worked so well. Laura is going to love this one. It fits with her knowledge of the ancients.



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