Embroidered Regency Reticule: Part 2

The embroidered reticule is finished.

I randomly placed gold spangles (or paillettes) throughout the three non-embroidered sides of the reticule.  Although I didn't do a good job of capturing it on film, the spangles flash and shine in all types of lighting, making the reticule a jewel of an accessory. 

I am extremely pleased with the shape of the reticule, and it's nice and large, making it ample enough to carry whatever I want during the festival.

I am not so thrilled with my color choice of tassels and ribbon handle.  The red, white and blue is very French Directoir, but I don't think it matches the embroidery.  Also, the green floss I used for the (very frizzy) tassels, was all I had on hand, and it clashes to my eye.  I will replace both items as soon as I can find a color scheme that I'm happy with.  But, for now, the bag is done.


The embroidery is beautiful and the additional gold sequins add a sparkling touch to the sides!
Is there cardboard on the bottom inside? Can it be folded in the middle (it looks like that in the very last photo)?
I hope you'll find tassels and a ribbon matching your taste better.
Such a cute little accessory :)

Jenni said…
Cardboard! Now why didn't I think of that? No, there isn't any cardboard in the reticule, but I will change that soon. :) Thanks for the tip.

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