Stash Project: Wrap-Front Blouse

With only 3 days left until I go back to work, my blog might be slowing down a bit.  The same goes for my sewing projects.  Oh, don't worry...I still have enough stash fabric left to keep me going for a while, but my sewing times will mostly be limited to the weekends.  I also realize that it has been a while since I've sewn anything Regency.  I think I got burned out after all of the sewing I did for the Jane Austen Festival, and then I decided to get my Fall, teaching wardrobe 18th or early 19th century costuming took a back seat.  But, I do have something in the works (actually in the planning stages), and I will post on that as soon as I have something to show for it.  I'll just say this about it... it's mid to late 18th century and it's outer wear.

Now, for my final summer stash project.

I had some semi-sheer Autumnal colored plaid cotton in my stash, and I know that plaid was a very casual print worn quite often in the 30's, so I set out to drape this blouse.  I was inspired by this 1930's wrap front blouse, and this 1930's butterfly blouse. 

A part of me feels very 'cowgirl country' in this blouse....which, if you know me at all, is almost exactly opposite from my personality.  Since I live in Kentucky, I'm a bit sheepish about wearing this blouse out and about...I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression of who I am, now would I.  What do you think?  Too country?  Or does the design of the blouse take away from the 'country-ness' of the plaid?

There are two ways I can wear this blouse.  I can simply wrap it across my front and tie it, wearing it with a deep, lose v-neck.

Or....I can button it up at the top, closing the neckline.  Either way, I think it still has a very 30's feel to it. (Except for the lil' bit a country, right y'all?)  I think I prefer the buttoned look.


Sarah Jane said…
Jenni, wow, where has the summer gone?! Best of luck to you as you head back to work.

I ADORE this blouse. I haven't commented on all the posts you have recently done since blogger has been acting up for me again, but I am so inspired and so awed at your ability to create the lovely garments you have been sharing with us. I think this blouse is my favorite though. I LOVE everything about it!

It does have a bit of a country feel to it, but also, for me, reminds me a lot of the full fan-front bodices of the 1840's/1850's. I don't think it necessarily has to be cowgirl/country. . .depending on what you wear it with, I think it will be very classic and elegant. It looks so comfortable too. I'd love to make one like this for myself. Gorgeous job!!!
a complex and very interesting blouse, well done!
ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,

Wow, that blouse is really, really neat. You're having fun with draping, aren't you?

Very best,

My Crafts said…

I really like this blouse. You are very gifted with a needle. Congrats!
Jenni said…
Thanks to everyone for boosting my confidence! It's all very fun.
Nabila Grace said…
I really like this blouse a lot! Have you worn it since you made it yet? I don't think it's to country ;o) Sometimes country is in an action and not always a look ;o) so I would figure you will never be country a day in your life ;o)

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