Snowshill Quilted Jacket: Cutting, Trapunto and Quilting

An update on the Snowshill Jacket.  It's coming along...just.  My hand is hurting from all of the hand stitching I've been doing.  Everything is is to be quilted...and from the look of the pile above, I will be at this for quite some time.

All of the Trapunto and Cording are done now.  You can see here the "feather" design I'm putting on the back panels is outlined and ready to be stuffed.  The Snowshill jacket doesn't have this design on it, but this was a common motif on other 18th century quilted items.  I love I'm using it.

Here it is in all of its stuffed glory.

And this is my interpretation of the floral design found on the Snowshill jacket.  It will be found on both sleeves and the hood.

Here's a snippet of what some of the quilting will look like.  This "scale" design (as I'm calling it), will be on the false front (and possibly on the hood...haven't decided yet.)  The rest of the jacket will be quilted with a diamond design.

I have a sneaking suspicion that by the time I get around to seam construction, I will want to use a machine...


Julia C said…
Wow, how beautiful! That seems quite the ambitious project, but I can tell it will turn out wonderfully! You have such talent. I can't wait to see your results!
Love, Julia
And please share how the hood is constructed...I've to admit (blush) that I haven't figured out how to gather a hood properly yet;)

I truly love the greyish blue color!

Jenni said…
Thank you, Julia. Truly...I'm just learning.

Sabine, I will certainly show you how to construct the hood. I was afraid of it too, but really, it wasn't so bad.
ZipZip said…
Pretty, pretty, pretty, makes me sing, sing, sing! Worth, worth, worth, the hands hurting!

Perhaps a manicure plus massage is in order?

Very best,

Suzi Clarke said…

the feather is known as "running feather" and is very well known in England and Wales as a quilting pattern. The curving "filler " is, I think, scallops. I own some tracings from original quilting designs! Your work is looking good!
Jenni said…
Natalie, I've only ever had a manicure once in my life (just before my wedding). I think it's time for another.

Suzi, Thank you for educating me. I hadn't a clue what it was called. I love that name though, "running feather". Why does it make me think of a Native American name? ha!
Nabila Grace said…
Oh it's so beautiful. I'm a sucker for detail and oh there is just millions of pieces of detail in this! :o)

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