V&A Open Robe: Planning Stage and a Study in Chiaroscuro

For the Jane Austen Festival Grand Ball, I'm planning on dressing up my 1798 Gown with the V&A open robe found in Janet Arnold's " Patterns of Fashion 1 ". 

I purchased this silk taffeta from Burnley & Trowbridge, and it's a study in Chiaroscuro.  Breaking it down, it is a robin's egg blue, shot with dark gold.  But look at what different lighting and angels does to it...

In the evening, under low lighting, the fabric has a dark, smokey-blue hue.

Next to green, it looks almost silver-blue in tone.

Next to blue, it looks sea-foam-green.

Under flashing light, the silvery blue really stands out, and almost has a marbling affect.

In bright day light, a golden yellow can be seen.

And occasionally a copper undertone almost makes it look violet.

It's strange stuff, but I'm in love with it!  Certainly, though, I will be making a toile before I cut into this.  So, stay tuned for updates on this project.  This will be the first official "ball gown" I've made.  The first "unofficial" one I made was the before I understood what I was doing, and it look like it came out of a Halloween store....so that doesn't count. (And no, I won't show you pictures...it's embarrassing!)


Katie said…
Wow that material is gorgeous! You could accessorise it with anything!
I love that open robe pattern, I've always meant to make it.
ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,
Holy moly, Jenni, what a fabric find. That silk is amazing. Can't wait to read more.

Very best,
Nabila Grace said…
I'm in love with your fabric! It's absolutely delish! :o) Oh gracious can't wait to see the end result! :o)

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