Trick or Treat

Last night, my school had their annual "Trunk or Treat Festival."   I'm not really sure why they call it a "Trunk or Treat," because there aren't any cars involved...certainly no trunks.  Instead, the hallways are lined with decorated doorways, teachers dressed up in costumes, and fantastical displays of creativity, like the tea table in Alice and Wonderland, and the complete cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

We decided on a Cinderella Theme.  I like the Cinderella story...what girl doesn't...but the main reason was because we had outfits that, with only a little modification, could be transformed into passable Cinderella characters.

My Jane's costume was a gift from her Nana last year, and other than wearing it around the house, this was it's debut.  It was the only costume I didn't make.

The evening was fun, although a little overwhelming...crowded, hot hallways and hundreds of kids wearing masks would be enough to unnerve even the most hardy of costume and party fanatics.

Most everyone, child and adult alike, knew my daughter was Cinderella and my husband Prince Charming, but only a few adults guessed correctly who I was.  The children were completely stumped....which leads me to believe I didn't succeed in my costume making endeavor. :-(  Can you tell who I'm supposed to be?


Margie Miller said…
Hi Jenni,
I think you're the fairy godmother. Good costumes here as well as the jungle group.
I enjoy your blog.
Your mom-in-law
Sarah Jane said…
I too would have to cast my vote for the Fairy Godmother. The wand in your hand seems to give it away for sure! All of your costumes are wonderful and so very adorable. It sounds like a fun time - we are thinking of taking our boys to something similar at the mall next week. We've never done anything like it before so I'm a little nervous! It looks lilke a lot of fun!
Persuaded said…
Oh yes, definitely the fairy godmother! Perfect!

And I hope you won't mind me saying this, but your husband is soooo handsome!
Jenni said…
Yes, guessed it...I was the fairy godmother. I thought it was pretty obvious, so I'm glad you did too. I would have thought it an easy guess for the youngest generation too, but I guess it wasn't.

Margie, I'm glad you enjoy the pictures.

Sarah Jane, Your boys will love it! Dressing up, and free candy...they will be in heaven!

Diane, By all means, say so all you want....I agree!

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