Pelisse/Robe Update....Getting Closer

So, I'm almost finished with my Pelisse/Robe. 

I need to attach two hooks at the waist band to permanently be able to close the front.  I also have to add in the lining part of the waist band to cover all of the frayed edges of seams.  Hemming will be the last step. 

The original, "Marianne" robe is an ankle-length garment.  I am still trying to decide if I want to leave mine ankle-length (which it is now) or shorten it to shin length, like the above picture.  I'm leaning toward the second choice.

Also, the "Marianne" robe didn't have a waist band, but I rather liked the look of I put that in.  The pleats on the back skirt aren't nearly as elegantly draped as the one in the top "Marianne" screenshot.  The center pleat keeps folding in on itself.  Not sure why it didn't turn out like what I had in mind...but maybe it's because I didn't make my pleats as thin...or it could be my material is thicker than whatever it was they used for the costume in the movie ....or perhaps it is because I'm not a professional movie costume think?!

Anyway, I'm sure I could go back and re-do everything, always seeing the many flaws in everything I do, but all in all, it really didn't turn out too bad.  When I'm finished, I'll post pictures of me wearing the robe.


Natalie said…
Dear Jenni,

My goodness, it's just terrific and it will look so well on you. Love the stitching around the revers.

The pleats look very nice to me. Wondering if perhaps in the movie original they did different sized pleats: narrower towards the center and wider out at the sides. Just a thought.

Can't wait until you wear it!

Very best,

Jenni said…
Thank you. Yes, I thought the same thing about the pleats. I 'tried' to make them narrower at the center, but was also going off of the illustrations in Costume in Detail...somehow, it didn't work...
Laura said…
This looks like it is coming along wonderfully - I can't wait to see it!
Anna said…
Wow, that's an amazing pelisse!

I like your blog, just came across it and now have a lot to browse through!

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