Pelisse/Robe Update....Revised Edition

I have been reworking my Pelisse bodice, as well as making sleeves.  The sleeves came out a bit bigger, puffier, whatever you want to call it, than I thought they would be, and I had to take them up, because they were way too long for my arms.  But I figure that having bigger sleeves probably isn't a bad thing, considering I might be wearing sweaters or other such wintry layers underneath the coat.

 I took out the four darts on each side (which, for some strange reason I called "pleats" in the last update...go figure), and put in two (real, this time) pleats on each side.

I also picked out the stitches along the back edge of the collar, straightened things up a bit, repositioned the collar, and stitched it back in place.  I think it looks much better.

This is just some of the extra fabric draped on my manikin to form the look of a skirt on the coat.  I always like to give myself a teaser and imagine what the finished product might look like.

*Note: These pictures were taken before I altered the sleeve length.*


Nabila Grace said…
Oh Jenni! It's coming together so well! I can see the changes and even though it looked good before it looks even better! The detail is beautiful! :o)
Jenni said…
Thanks, Nabila. I appreciate that. I can't help but see all of the flaws and errors in it.

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