18th Century Market Fair

I returned once again to Locust Grove  today, former home of William and Lucy Croghan and Lucy's brother George Rogers Clark. This time, however, it was not for the Jane Austen Festival, but for the 18th Century Market Fair.  A festival celebrating the time of our countries battle for independence.  I was purely a spectator this time. I haven't the outfits for Revolutionary War reenacting.
My friend Laura, my daughter Jane and I arrived early in the day. The mist was still lifting, and the grounds were quiet. The air was full of the wispy scent of burning wood.
The only sounds apparent where those of campfires crackling and utensils clanking in breakfast bowls of porridge and plates of bacon and eggs.

We felt a bit sheepish witnessing families preparing for the day....but it was fascinating, none-the-less.  Jane thought all of the ladies and girls were dressing as princesses.

It wasn't long, though before the market began to stir.  Other spectators arrived, and shops began to open for the day.

While there, we ate some delicious rice and barbacoa, cooked by these handsome fellas and their wives.

We munched on some of the best cheese and bread I've had in a long time. (I caught this shot before they were finished setting up...that's why you see the boxes in the back...I was salivating so much for these delicious baked goods that I didn't bother with paying attention to my surroundings and nearly tripped over a rope!)

I was also drooling over these beautifully handcrafted replicas of 18th century furniture....but, my pocketbook can barely afford the bread and cheese...so, these beauties will have to wait a while to come home with me.

A few of Jane's favorite moments at the festival was sitting in this pint-sized chair...
...and seeing this dappled gray horse.

One of my favorite moments was seeing this beautiful gown and cloak (sort of reminded me of Halloween....the colors, maybe?)

And then, of course, who could resist this adorable display of children's clothing.  Fuel for another future project for sure!

I've been thinking about making a cap for myself, and a bonnet for Jane.  I really like the style of the one above.

Here's Jane's cheesy grin as she tries on a bonnet.  I was a little flabbergasted by how much this simple little bonnet cost.  The lady selling it was asking $20 for it!  I'm sure I could make it for MUCH less.

Being a late 18th Century Reenactment, there was quite a bit of British hostility toward us Americans...these gentlemen marched around yelling at and scolding nearly everyone they saw...calling them names I'd rather not repeat!

No matter though...we managed to infiltrate the British camp...

...and carry back their secrets to the Rebels.
One patriot gave us a fascinating lecture on the different sorts of cannon balls used to kill the enemy.  Some of his descriptions of the damage done from one of these pieces of metal were quite graphic.  I never knew there were so many kinds of cannon balls....used for so many different purposes.

On a lighter note, we listened to the lilting Scottish melodies of these musicians.  Lovely sound...but I must admit...most of the time my mind was wondering how these men in such short kilts could stand being out in the 40 degree weather!  Brrrrrr!

Oh, and remember how ridiculous I felt at the last reenactment I went to, having to eat out of Styrofoam bowls and drink out of paper cups....well, that will never again be the case!  I used the last of my birthday money to purchase two beautiful, wood fired, salt glazed mugs from an artist named J.-Henderson who researches stoneware artifacts of the period and hand crafts pottery to replicate what he finds.

And these three little beauties will do just fine for our meals.  Laura remarked that they reminded her of the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Tee-hee-hee...that, I like.

Now the only thing left to purchase are the eating utensils.

It was an enchanting, Autumn day.  We weren't able to stay for the mock battle, because Jane was due for a nap, but I really do think that everyone should learn where and when reenactments are taking place near their communities.  They are such a fun and relaxing way to spend your day, not to mention educational.

I'm sorry if the pictures aren't 'click-able'...Blogger is giving me fits.  To veiw more pictures of the day, or to see them in larger views, please visit my Photobucket File at:


Nabila Grace said…
Oh it looks like you had a marvelous time! ;o) What a great day! :o)
Mommy said…
That looks like it was so much fun!!!
Sarah Jane said…
What *gorgeous* pictures and what a beautiful spot for an event. Oh my. I wish there was a way I could reenact and have an outfit for every lovely era of history. . .I can't wait to see the cap and bonnet you may be making soon! I love this era for fashion!

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