Leach and Flummery

No, I'm not swearing in some ancient British dialect.  A leach, or "leche" and flummery are a sort of jellied dessert eaten in times past, especially by the wealthy in England.  I found a recipe for leach and flummery, here, on the same site that I got my "cheesecake" recipe, and was fascinated by the sculptural aspect of this dessert.

So, of course, I had to try it.  I love the challenge of antiquated craft.

One thing different that I did, was used Gelatin instead of "harts antlers" or Isinglasse...I wasn't about to kill a deer with my bare hands.  Also, since I didn't have my own cow to milk, I used whole cream.

The texture of these desserts are interesting.  It is firm, like Jell-o, but the taste is hard to describe.  It's almost a warm, milk, or tapioca flavor, without the beads.  But, then add in the Rose Water and you have a flavor, that I can only hope is an acquired taste....it's a bit like eating perfume. 

 In the pink glasses, I've made the original leach or flummery, using Rose water.  But in the little white jewels, covered with gold leaf, I used a little almond oil instead of the Rose Water, to satisfy our more modern pallets.

Why would I go to all of the trouble, you ask?  Well, I'm attending a picnic today with the Jane Austen Sewing Society.....and....well, everything must be historically accurate, of course.  More on this later.....


Nabila Grace said…
Oh how lovely! I'm not to fond of the taste of rose water :oP They use a lot of it in Egypt and I never got used to it! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your day! :o)

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