Story Time

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Yesterday my daughter, Jane wrote and illustrated her first story.
I asked her what the story was about, and she told me something about baby birds, an octopus, and the ocean....I couldn't quite understand.(It was a hard read!)  So, I thought I would let you guys decide for yourself.  Enjoy the story!

Page 1.

The End

Written and Illustrated by A. Jane.
(complete with signature in the upper right corner)


Sarah Jane said…
A Jane Austen in the making! You have quite a talented young lady! Her story is adorable.
Natalie said…
Dear Jenni and Autumn,

I liked your story, Autumn! Noah is working on his "notices". He says they are about all kinds of things. I will tell him you wrote a story and he will be most interested and so will Christopher. We miss seeing you, Miss!


Natalie in KY
Jenni said…
Thanks, ladies....

Natalie, We dearly miss you and the boys too. Wish we could have another play date soon...

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