1915 Skirt

I just love the style of the mid-to-late 'teens' of the last century.  Of course, fashion was affected by the fact that Europe was in the middle of World War I, and you can see the influence in the way that the frilly, pigeon-breasted Edwardian styles were beginning to take a turn toward the more practical, tailored look.  It was a transitional time between 'old lace and crinoline' and the 'roaring twenties'.  Practical, but feminine, in my opinion!

I like this page here, because it give you a good look at the simple skirts and feminine shirts.

I decided to use the thick, plaid, brushed cotton that I bought to make my own 'modern' version of a 1915 skirt.  I don't think that the fabric I chose to use was period correct (maybe I'm wrong), but I like the look of it made up into my skirt, none-the-less.

Here's a fashion image of a very similar skirt from 1915.

I didn't entirely follow the look....for one, I lowered the hem line from what I would call a 'high ankle' look to a 'low ankle' look.  Also, I set my pockets closer in toward the center seam, and didn't make them quite as deep as the original.  But, I retained the general shape of the pockets, and the general shape of the skirt.  Construction of the skirt was completely period correct....with one back panel, and two front panels.  I drafted it from an image I had saved from the "Commercial Pattern Archive" HERE.  They don't give you the "pattern" per se, but what they do give you is scanned images of vintage and antique pattern covers, pattern layouts, etc.

Here's a side view of the skirt.  I'm sorry the lighting is so bad.  I don't have the best camera in the world, and now that I'm back at work, I only have evening lighting to work with. 

Here's a close-up view of one of the pockets and the faux belt.  The buttons that I used are actual antique, shell buttons...which I inherited, and which very well could be from the 'teens'. 

The weather right now has been in the sweltering high 90's....so it isn't the ideal time to be wearing a skirt like this.  I'm looking forward to the cool, crisp, Autumn weather that SURELY is just around the corner so that I can debut this pretty thing.

...oh....and now that the skirt is done....don't you think a shirt like this one would look lovely with it?!

....and maybe a jacket too!  *sigh*  ...so many things to sew, so little time...


Nabila Grace said…
Ooooh....absolutely love it! And esp the buttons!!! :o)
Sarah Jane said…
That skirt is the cutest skirt I've ever seen! I LOVE it and I think the plaid looks great. The blouse is darling; I can't wait to see what kind of shirt you will make!
Jenni said…
Thank you, ladies! I don't know if I will actually make a shirt or not....it's a crazy-busy time of year right now, and will be until January! So, for now, I am just dreaming about making that shirt and jacket!

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