Mother of the Groom Dress Finished!

I finally finished the Mother of the Groom Dress I've been working on.  I started with the Butterick B5282 Pattern, but ended up completely re-drafting the bodice and midsection.  Also, I added sleeves and put pleats in the bodice and skirt instead of gathering it.  So, when all was said and done, the basic shape was really the only thing that resembled the original pattern.

Here's a front view, with the purple sash wrapped around the waist twice, tied in the front and hanging the length of the gown.

Here's the back view, with a hidden zipper up the back.  That zipper was a BEAR to work with.  I think I prefer the antique method of buttons or hook-and-eye for closing up gowns.  But, I wrestled that bear and won, so all is well.

It was quite fun making this dress.  I only hope the Mother of the Groom is as pleased with it as I am!


Nabila Grace said…
Oh!!! It's absolutely beautiful! :o) I love it! How long have you been sewing??
Jenni said…
Nabila Grace - Thank you, so much! Aside from a little pillow I made 17 years ago in my Jr. High Home-ec class, the first item I ever sewed was a shirt for my daughter a year and a half ago! So...not very long! I'm mostly self taught, but have to acknowledge the HUGE influence the ladies in my "Sewing Circle" and the ladies at "Sense and Sensibility Forum" have had on me...I wouldn't be nearly so far along as I am now without their tutelage!
Natalie said…
Dear Jenni,
Holy cow, it turned out so well! I bet she is really going to like it a great deal.

I never did like zippers either. Prefer to put them in by hand when I just have to do them :}

You go, Jenni!


Mommy said…
I saw your comment on the blog Tomato Soup Cake and had to see your blog. It is not often that I com e across someone that spells their name like I do:) There are many Jennys but a Jenni is few and far between! I am also a lover of all things Jane Austin and loved reading your blog! I have not blogged in a while but still love to read what others are blogging about:) Thank you for your lovely blog:)
Jenni said…
Mommy (Jenni)- Thank you for reading my are welcome here! It is always a joy to find someone else that spells their name with an "i"! Welcome, from one Jane Austen lover to another!
Nabila Grace said…
Oh Jenni! You inspire me! I REALLY want to tackle sewing...What do you find to be the easiest to sew when learning?
Jenni said…
Nabila Grace-You could TOTALLY learn to sew. One of the easiest garments to sew is a skirt. I suggest finding a simple skirt pattern and starting with that....the hardest part for me as a beginner was learning to "read" the pattern. Do you have anyone near you that can guide you through your first pattern? If not, then there are "sewing dictionaries" on line...just google one of those and it will help you out. The second hardest part was learning how to use my sewing machine (but those come with manuals to learn from.)

I keep telling people that anyone can learn to sew. You just have to be ambitious, brave, and willing to learn from your mistakes! I'm not, by nature, a very patient person, but sewing has made me more so!

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