My summer vacation has officially begun.  And to celebrate that fact, I made something for myself today. 

My very own, Vintage Style Swimsuit, a-la-Carole Lombard.

 I found the pattern free at Burdastyle.  The model in the picture looks much nicer than I do in the suit, so I won't scare you to death with a photo of me wearing it...  But, here it is all made up, just waiting to hit the beach...erm...pool, I mean.  Drat this land-locked state!


Persuaded said…
I LOVE this suit! I might even make one for my daughter Amelia.
Jenni said…
Thanks! I would recommend the suit, except the directions aren't very clear. I had to look at other bloggers who made the suit in order to make it for myself. Here's one that I used...
Except, I didn't put in the bust pads, and I made the bottom/leg area a little lower so that it covered more, and looked a bit more vintage. Oh, and I made it without the leg bands. Also, I had to do a little bit of fitting in the bust area, because it was slightly too open for my tastes. But I made it in a day, and it was fun to create, none-the-less! Enjoy!

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