Brave Little Heart

This weekend was a sad one in our little house.  Remember the outstanding little nest built by a couple of Robin's that I posted about several weeks ago?  Well, the precious mother and father robins layed 4 beautiful turquoise colored eggs that hatched into 4 healthy little chicks.  But, alas, the severe thunderstorms we had last weekend were no match for their strong little nest.  It was tipped up on its side (I can only presume from the weight of 4 chicks and the wind from this storm), and three of the four babies fell to their doom.  The mother and father tried desperately to save the fourth, tugging at the nest, snuggling up sideways, but, the fourth didn't survive the storm either.  I saw the mother perch atop the tree, and heave her chest out, over and over, while crying a lament over the loss of her babies.  She rested there a moment, then they both took off and haven't been seen since.  The sad little nest clung there on the tree until the rain let up. 

 Yesterday, my husband went out to remove it so we wouldn't have to stare at a dead baby bird every time we came out on the back deck. While he was doing this, my daughter Jane was watching.  Her comments broke my heart.  She said, "Momma, look!  The nest broke!  The baby bird is sick."  I said, "I know, Jane, it's sad, isn't it."  She said, "But I can help him get better.  Will you let me fix the nest?"  (at this point, there are tears welling up in my eyes)  I said, "Well, Jane, I wish we could help him, but the wind broke the nest, and there's nothing we can do now."  And her BRAVE little heart responded with, "Well, we can fight the wind!  Let me get a stick and I will fight the wind!"


What else could I say after that...  If only we could all live life so courageously and full of mercy...


Natalie said…
Oh Jenni,
I want to cry. Dear little sweet birds and parents, dear sweet daughter!

I worry about the baby cardinals in the nest next door. Our dove should be okay, since she's nesting on top of one of our porch columns, safe from wind and rain.



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