Update on Laura's Regency Gown

I wanted to update you on the direction of Laura's Regency Gown.  There is a lot of research going into this dress, mostly by my friend Natalie over at ZipZip's Vintage Sewing, here.  I'm part of a Period Sewing Circle that Natalie leads.  She is a treasure trove of historical knowledge.   

We've decided to try and make a 1790's Round Gown, which is VERY early Regency.  It will look something like this gown below.

The bodice will be lined, but the skirt won't.  You can see here the lining is cut out and ready to go.

The only difference between this picture and what we will do in the ende is that the straps will be cut off and sewn back seperately.  We've found this to be more historically accurate.
The center part of this layout is the back of the bodice, and the pieces on each end, are actually the front of the bodice, which will gather along a drawstring, and meet together and tie in the center front.

Here's the outer fabric cut out.

And a close-up of the back bodice.

As I said before, Natalie is doing a lot of the research.  She will be posting soon a much more detailed description of all of the research.  She's the historian, I'm just the student.  So, head on over to her blog and read about her research.  One thing I can say is that a couple of the gowns we are studying are in the books "Costume in Detail - 1730-1930" by Nancy Bradfield here, and "Cut of Women's Clothing - 1600-1930" by Norah Waugh here.

We made up a toile first out of cheap cotton muslin, and did fitting after fitting on Laura until we got it just as we wanted it.  I'm so excited that I am finally at the point where I can begin sewing the dress together.


Luci said…
Love the fabric! The dress in the picture looks so elegant. Looking forward to seeing the result! :)

ZipZipInkspot said…
Dear Jenni,

Eek, I need to get that post up! Glad you got the ball rolling,



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