more bags

Even though I've been working on my husband's Regency shirt (which I will post about later), I was able to make a few more bags this weekend for the up and coming arts and craft fair. 

The first one is made out of an old skirt.  I love using old skirts to make purses, they give them such character, and I was really pleased with the look of the braided handle.

The next two are what I like to call "Twin" purses.  I've used the same fabric for both purses, but switched the lining and the outer fabric for each purse.

outside purse #1

inside purse #1

outside purse #2

inside purse #2


Luci said…
Love the first purse! It looks like a designer bag - and the color is so lovely for spring!

Jenni said…
Thanks! It's so much fun to be able to create a cute purse out of old clothing. You should try it some time.

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