Sewing the Round Gown together.

I was able to meet with Natalie (ZipZip's Vintage Sewing) at my Period Sewing Circle this morning, and we were able to map out the final construction of the bodice of Laura's 1790's Round Gown.  I won't go into details of how it was all done; I'll leave that for Natalie.  But here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite and a link to my photobucket folder so that you can have a look at 2 dozen pictures I took during the process of pinning it all together.  Nothing is sewn up yet, just pinned.  But we are finally on our way down hill from this point on. 
This is a sketch of what we finally decided to do with the seams.

This is the back of the bodice.  It will be stitched up the back seam.

And the front of the bodice will have 3 drawstrings and tie together at the neckline, underbust, and waistline.

Here's the photobucket link:



Laura said…
Looking quite lovely!

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