18th Century: Caraco Jacket (No more Mrs. Claus)

A few months ago I made an 18th century Caraco Jacket, but it turned out looking more like something Mrs. Claus would wear than something I would wear.  Remember this?

 Well, it took some time before I found the courage to redo it, but I finally got around to it knowing that I needed something to wear to the 18th century market fair at Locust Grove.  I stripped off all of the white trim and completely redid the green trim on the sleeves. 

Here are some pictures of me at the event...it was a gorgeous Autumn day.  Other than needing a few extra pins in the front to keep it from wrinkling, and possibly a larger bum roll, I think it turned out rather well. 
Thank you, Laura for being my paparazzi! 


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