More Embroidery: 1730's style

I've been keeping my hands busy with crewelwork embroidery for the past two months, and here are the results... early American seat cushion design from the 1730's...only I made this one into a pillow.  

I got the pattern from Alicia Paulson's book "Embroidery Companion."  I'm loving this many wonderful things to decorate!  I'm sure you will be seeing more.  Embroidery is a fantastic way to pass the time during the long, cold, winter nights.  Sign on to Netflix, start a long series, and away the needle and thread go.

Also, for fun (and because I live in a chilly Victorian beast of a house) I embroidered some hot-water bottle also from Paulson's book.  Snowflakes and fur trees...mmmm...cozy.

Two of our three furry butts approve.


OMG, this is utterly beautiful! Such amazing work :)

ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,

Love all of them. Number 3 furry butt will love the hot water bottle covers if she ever discovers one in use :}

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving,


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