Seussical: Gertrude and Vlad

(front of Gertrude's costume)

Seussical is well on it's way to being a production.  I've been sniffing around our local thrift and vintage stores for items, and have come up with quite a few jewels.  I will save some of those treasures for a later post on the "vintage" inspired Whos and the "urban jungle" inspired jungle animals. 

(back of Gertrude's outfit, pre-long-tail)

For now, you will have to satisfy yourself with the outfits of Gertrude McFuzz and Vlad the Vulture.

(and her tail grows...around 50 feet!)

Both Gertrude and Vlad abound in feathers, but like day and night, Gertrude is all innocence and bright colors, while Vlad is the epitome of darkness and evil.

(front of Vlad's coat)

Gertrude's...erm...bum holds nearly 50ft of tail feathers, and stretches all around the stage when pulled out.

(back of Vlad's coat)

Vlad's coat is one that I pulled out of the back of my closet.  I actually wore this coat (minus the feathers) back in my college days when I went through a slightly goth/matrix phase.  I brooded and stormed around campus wearing all black clothing, tall and clunky combat boots laced up tight, a black messenger bag covered in safety pins and band patches slung over my shoulder, and this coat flapping in the breeze.  Ahhh, the memories....I've never been able to convince myself to get rid of it...I'm too sentimental.  And I'm now glad that I didn't, because it's perfect for this costume.

(menacing shoulders)

He will be wearing a black turtleneck, and sleek black slacks with the coat, as well as a black leather cap that I found at a vintage's from the 60's and looks a lot like this one except it comes to a really high point in the center, giving him a conical, vulture head effect.

The funny thing is, the boy who is playing Vlad isn't really a menacing, mean type...he's the opposite, really.  So, I'm hoping that this coat inspires him to pull out his inner, brooding demons.

A little secret for you...I actually prefer Vlad's costume to Gertrude's...but don't tell anyone.


Sarah Jane said…
What fun, creative and totally amazing costumes! You really have an eye for capturing the essence of a personality. I LOVE these and can't wait to see the other costumes you are working on putting together!
Carys said…
These costumes are awesome!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

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