A Blog Vacation

I would really like to be on vacation right now...somewhere new to me and relaxing.  But, instead, I'm spending all of my time in my basement, and in a small costume closet behind stage.  So, I'm going to have to take a short blog vacation.  When things have calmed down (probably about a month from now), I will be back and share with all of you the results of my Seussical costuming adventure.  Take care...see you soon.


Dear Jenni,

after the first line of your post, my first thought was: how about coming across the pond staying here for a vacation...;)
Basement is no true alternative, but sometimes projects can be time consuming and need all the attention. The internet then might turn in a kind of nuisance (lol)...
Just take your time off and enjoy!!!
Take care...and I'm looking forward to your return:)))
Jenni said…

I might take you up on that offer some day! :) It would be more than a pleasure to meet you and experience your country.
These musings can greatly inspire the people who also feel the same way. Looking forward to more posts from you!
Jenni said…
Thank you. I do hope to be back at some point. I don't think it's a total lost cause...not yet, anyway.
Anonymous said…
Hi there. Love your Seussical costumes. I'm also up to my eyes in making costumes for Seussical with our show in just over a week. I wish I'd found you blog earlier!!!

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