Sea Glass Candy

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this recipe for Sea Glass Candy, and it looked so pretty I had to give it a try.  It really is gorgeous looking candy, and delicious too.  I used peppermint oil to flavor one batch, and rose water to flavor another. I thought I would share the recipe with you, because...well...just because.  Who wouldn't want to to give this a try?  What a fun treat to cook up! And it's so easy to take with you when traveling to visit family this holiday season.  Now...if only Jane and I can keep our hands out of it until we get there.


It's SO beautiful!! I've never heard of sea glass candy before but the idea of it gets me all excited to try it! Thank you for sharing the recipe!! x
Jenni said…
You are most welcome, Brittany. Certainly try it out...but follow the girl's directions COMPLETELY, as it is really easy to burn the sugar. I burnt my second batch.
Now that's a perfect recipe! It looks perfect in green!
I wonder if I might try this in a brownish shade (maybe burning the sugar might be sufficient) and cinnamon, as we often have brown glass here...thanks for sharing this great idea!!!

Jenni said…
Sabine, I burnt the sugar accidentatly on my second batch, and it did change the color to a more brownish tone, but it changed the flavor too. It didn't have as good a flavor after that. If you want the brown color without burning it, try blending food coloring and adding that. To make a brownish tint with food coloring mix the three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue. You might have to test the colors before you put them in the candy, playing around with the ratio of the three...probably a little more yellow and red than blue.
Amy Bradstreet said…
Isn't it pretty? Yours looks perfect and many thanks for linking. Yes, I would definitely use coloring to get a brown shade, instead of letting the sugar burn. I think I want to make a brown or amber batch, also.

Happy Holidays! ~Amy
Jenni said…
You are welcome, Amy...and thank you SO much for posting your recipe. It's gorgeous stuff...and tasty too!
Nabila Grace said…
Oh it is beautiful! I will have to try this out one weekend when my girls are home! Thanks for sharing.

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